Theron (Planet)

Shipyard World

Located in the Astoth sub-sector, Theron acts as a cog in the planets comprising the system; working with the nearby Mechanicum world to manufacture immense ships of war to provide the Imperial Navy with vessels capable of forging into hostile space and defend Imperium territory. 

The shipyards and docks vary in scale- from dry-docks that rise up to pierce the clouds and the sky itself to shipyards the size of cities. To see legendary and sacred ships being made from scratch is truly a marvel, the efficiency and care taken to ensure their work is as perfect as expect is aided by the regular influx of Techpriests and expert artisans from Layria.

Due to their close proximity to Astoth, this planet is under the protection of the Tempest Angels Chapter- especially due to the importance of the world's purpose. 

Theron (Planet)

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