Tempest Angels Chapter


The Tempest Angels are a mostly Codex Astartes-compliant successor Chapter most likely of the Ultramarines. Some old records state they were founded in the 4th founding. Their gene-seed is consistent genetically with that of other Chapters from the lineage of Roboute Guilliman. It is free from any known contamination, reproduces stably, and produces the full range of Space Marine organ implants. However due to their name, incredibly close ties with the Blood Angels, as well as a reverence of Sanguinius that matches Guilliman; some believe them to in actuality be a successor of the Blood Angels.

After these events, they were given the feudal world of Astoth in the Ultima Segmenta as their home planet, in addition to the nearby planets of Ionov, Kastuvis, Theron, Crillon and Oscion to govern if they so wish, as well as protect. The first order of business was to build a mighty fortress monastery that was seen by the local populace as a construct mightier than any city or citadel ever built- constructed by angels that came from the sky itself. The Chapter maintains an unusually direct control over the planet, especially given its status as a Feudal/Knight world. In times when the sector is under direct attack, the Tempest Angels take direct command of the military forces of these planets, taking example of the Ultramarines and their governing of Ultramar.

Beliefs and Customs: 

The Chapter itself shares many of the idealogies of the populace of Astoth; including something akin to a chivalric code to a certain extent, and see themselves as the aegis of mankind against all who threaten it- as such, much like the Salamanders, they would not see civilian lives thrown away, firmly believing each man and woman has a rightful place within the Imperium. But let it not be said their sense of honour gets in the way of carrying out their duties to the Imperium in such a brutal universe. Indeed, their valour in battle is one of their defining traits; ever eager to fearlessly bring glory to their Chapter and themselves in the crucible of combat. Whilst not as ruthless as some other Chapters, they maintain the brutal efficiency that comes with strict martial discipline in battle. This stalwart courage combined with tactical precision makes them fierce foes in battle. That being said, they do not fight purely for the sake of being able to earn glory in combat- they fight to carry on with the Emperor's ultimate goal of forging a better, peaceful galaxy where humanity would be united and protected. In this light; they believe in valour in the face of adversity and loyalty above all. Befitting Astartes that have made a Knight world their home; the chapter focuses heavily on sword-work- having a large amount of not only power swords to the extent that every Sergeant may be equipped with one, but also a significant stock of relic swords. This emphasis breeds highly skilled swordsmen that have honed the art of the blade into a ritualised techniques passed on and refined from generation to generation; this is a great source of pride to the Chapter as their swordsmen are on the same tier as most if not all Chapters… and are certainly better than most. The most skilled of the swordsmen in each battle company are placed together in a squad; equipped with power swords to carve into the enemy ranks with a terrifying amount of skill.

It is in this spirit that they mimic the Ultramarines' stance and organisation of the planets in their system; taking responsibility not just for the Chapter homeworld, but all of the 6 other planets nearby- excluding Layria, who they maintain very close relations with but respect the independence of the Adeptus Mechanicum. They have ensured that trade remains active and healthy between the worlds. Each is well defended by the network of orbital defense stations and planet-to-orbit defense systems. Ever since the very first Chapter Master, the Tempest Angels adhere strictly to the spirit of unity that Ultramar set a gleaming example for. As such, this has bred discipline, trust and loyalty- in turn leading to very little civil unrest and no reports of heresy or treason. A fact they are very proud of. Each Planetary Defense Force is guided in their training by veterans of the Chapter to guarantee a certain level of discipline and military prowess from their soldiers. This has benefited the regiments of Imperial Guard drawn up from this sub-sector as the recruits are already well trained. Due to the good relations the sub-sector maintains with its native Forge-world and the direct governance of the Tempest Angels; all PDF forces are seen to be well equipped, thusly the transition from PDF to Imperial Guard is seamless.

The Tempest Angels maintain their links to their Progenitor chapter with pride. In fact, these Space Marines see all other Astartes- regardless of Chapter- as their brothers. As such, there is little they wont do for a fellow Space Marine. They have such pride in their own colours that they balk at the concept of hiding them in order to participate in stealth missions. The prospect of painting over their armour in Deathwatch tradition is met with hesitation. But most overcome their hubris and accept the change for a time. Unlike some Chapters, they see no shame in accepting aid from other Chapters, and indeed are eager to fight alongside their Brothers from other various Chapters- often sending task forces to aid Chapters such as the Salamanders, Blood Angels, Ultramarines, Space Wolves and Howling Griffons in their various campaigns and crusades. Due to this, they maintain good relations with a number of Chapters. In addition to fellow Astartes, the Tempest Angels have partaken in more than a few campaigns fighting alongside the Cadian Shock Troop, impressed by their bravery in the face of such impossible odds as mere humans. To honour their dedication to the Imperium and their courage, the Chapter have been known to send task forces often to support the Cadian regiments. In recent decades with the ever increasing activity of various conflicts, the Tempest Angels have found themselves fighting alongside more Chapters than ever before in a myriad of different systems- particularly the Furious Vanquishers Chapter. They have even shared a campaign fighting alongside Tau forces in order to defeat a rising Tomb World of Necrons, at the end of which they departed ways with new found respect for each other's honour and fighting capabilities, and again alongside Eldar against a Tyranid swarm- much to the distaste of the Inquisition.

There are exceptions to this, however. They strongly dislike Chapters that have little care for the lives of the normal men and women of the Imperium, and would not hesitate using them as cannon fodder to achieve their objective. Worse are those that see them as weak and unworthy of their protection. Because of this, the Tempest Angels have come to blows with the Marines Malevolent more than once in the past; the Chapters do best to avoid each other, for whenever they do cross each others paths, violence always follows.

They firmly believe in not just being angels of retribution bringing blood and death wherever they go, but in being the guardians of mankind- seeing no point in all the bloodshed if not to protect the worlds that cannot protect themselves, and all of those upon it. This has furthered their distrust of the Inquisition, who- in the eyes of the Tempest Angels- make use of Exterminatus too liberally. This desire to act as paragons and champions of mankind has seen them stand by those who share their views such as the Salamanders not just on the battlefield, but in moral and tactical decisions. 

Whilst holding respect for the Dark Angels as a First Founding Chapter in addition to their impressive military record; the Tempest Angels can't help but see them with no small amount of distrust- strange for a Chapter that openly welcomes the chance to support and be supported by fellow cousin Astartes. The reason behind this is the Dark Angels' fondness for secrecy. The Astothian Chapter believe that one of the reasons the Horus Heresy managed to get as far as they did was due to secrecy- one example being the Warrior's Lodges hiding in the shadows, something that should have been exposed in the righteous light of truth. Of course all Chapters have a right to keep certain things secret but the extent and magnitude of the Dark Angels is a little more than suspicious. The fact the two chapters share a basis of chivalric knighthood has not done much to alleviate the suspicion. Whilst nothing has been confirmed, there have been reports of missing Tempest Angels in the same area that spontaneous arrivals of forest green armoured and robed Space Marines have occurred.

Naturally, they venerate the Emperor primarily followed by the Primarch Roboute Guilliman but also hold the Blood Angels' Primarch Sanguinius in very high honour; during the festival of Sanguinalia as much of the Chapter as possible is summoned back to Omnis Fortis to spend a full fortnight in reverence of the fallen hero that they agree in the belief that he was truly one of the Emperor's greatest sons and put the chink in Horus' armour which the Emperor used of rid the Imperium of the traitor. For the Tempest Angels, whilst Guilliman is the epitome of honour, statesmanship, military discipline and tactical acumen in which they shape their entire military doctrine around; Sanguinius represents the compassion, heart and spirit that the Tempest Angels aspire to mimic, driving them unfalteringly to protect the Imperium and truly make it a better place for mankind as Sanguinius and the Emperor above him did. This has helped in maintaining the friendship and strong sense of brotherhood the Tempest Angels have with the Blood Angels.

Over the long war-torn course of the Chapter's history, they have made some enemies. These include the Orks, due to their constant engagement with them, as well as the Tyranids for their losses inflicted on them and their Progenitor chapter. Finally, and perhaps most significant is the hatred for the World Eaters and their successor warbands- having clashed with the blood-craving beserkers countless times over the millennia, even to the gates of Omnis Fortis itself. It must also be mentioned that the Tempest Angels have had little but bad experiences with the Inquisition in the past- including the attempted theft of one of the Angels' most prized relics.. this in addition to the Inquisitions' liberal use of exterminatus has strained relations to say the least.

Each Chapter Master, upon taking the mantle, makes a pilgrimage to Holy Terra itself to sit on a peak in the Himalayas with the Imperial Palace in sight kilometers away. In this relative isolation he prays and contemplates, reminding himself of the legacies and history of what he fights for. The experience is said to be very humbling; to sit among the ghosts of so many untold billions of mankind's home planet and know that he is partly responsible for its defense and continued existence. 

None can contest that the Astartes' primary function is war. However, the Tempest Angels still adhere to an old-held belief dating back to the Great Crusade that they should hone their minds with books; histories, poetry, philosophy- just as they hone their bodies with training. This is particularly true amongst the officers of the Chapter. As part of Guilliman's teachings in the Codex Astartes, all Tempest Angels are comprehensively versed in military tactics- both archaic and contemporary; dating back to the ancient days on Terra when man fought with spear and shield.

To help record their deeds for future generations across the galaxy; the Tempest Angels keep a series of Rememberancers threaded throughout their forces, giving the pictographers, poets and historians access to deeds of legend that otherwise would have been kept to solely the Chapter's records. Whilst the access they are given is liberal, it is not limitless. 

The nearby Forge-world of Layria has maintained close relations with Astoth to the point where its resources are completely dedicated to manufacturing for the forces in the sub-sector, especially the Astartes. Due to this, the Tempest Angels boast an impressive armoury. 

Upon the creation of the Primaris Astartes, the Tempest Angels accepted a full company of the new Space Marines from Guilliman to replace the loss of the 2nd Company. The Chapter is eager to ensure their new battle brothers quickly absorb Astothian- and in turn the Chapter's- culture and principles.

Aspirants of the Chapter and drawn up from Astoth itself in addition to Kastuvis. Those used to a hard life on the death world find they may not struggle as much with the physical trials as those of Astoth, but the spiritual trials wane the number of successful aspirants significantly. Those from Kastuvis make excellent Sergeants but very rarely progress further. They are distinguishable from their Astothian brethren by their more blocky features and hair shaved into a single thick strip or completely bald in contrast with Astoth natives usually having a full head of hair and the patrician features.

Regardless of which planet initiates hail from, they undergo a plethora of various trials and tasks before they are accepted. Before the trials even begin the aspirants must first reach the fortress monastery in the mountains- no easy feat at all. The main trials are as follows:

Combat Trials…
Due to Astoth being a world with deep ties to knightly principles, the Tempest Angels share the populace's adoration of valour in combat. One of the main trials is akin to chivalric tournaments of old, where large numbers of knights and squires fight with sword and mace over the course of several days, often without rest at all. They employ highly ritualized weaponry techniques that have been refined and honed through generations. The participants will fight to the point of death until only a handful of the best remain. This not only tests for natural skill at arms and endurance, but also the steely determination needed to face martial challenges without wavering.

Exposure Trials…
As Astoth is a fairly mild world in comparison to other worlds in the Imperium, the Tempest Angels take those that have been selected in the combat trials to a foreign world- one that is much harsher and the challenge to survive is a constant battle against the climate and/or native beasts, usually the nearby planet of Kastuvis. With only basic survival equipment, participants must simply survive and are instructed to make it from point A to B. None are expected to actually complete the journey in this completely unfamiliar environment, but those who face the challenge without faltering and show courage in the face of certain death in addition to high fortitude are recovered by the Chapter apothecaries and are revived from near death if needs be. Aspirants native to Kastuvis are taken to a difference planet utterly alien to what they are used to.
Spiritual Trials…
With the ever present threat of Chaos corruption, the Tempest Angels believe the spiritual strength and purity of a candidate is as important as his physical prowess, for to lose a Battle-Brother to corruption is indeed a grievous mark of shame upon the Chapter as a whole. Thusly, the Chapter's librarian will thoroughly probe and examine the candidate's mind, as if peering into his very soul. Often, with the aid of certain drugs, visions of certain terrors and/or temptations are inserted in the candidate's mind to see if his willpower is strong enough to face his fears and resist temptations. 

Those that fail the trials are either returned from whence they came, or are recruited as men-at-arms for the Chapter; an army of human soldiers that serve to help protect the fortress monastery and ensure its daily needs are met in order to keep it at maximum efficiency. 

Combat Doctrine: 



Tempest Angels' Fleet.


10 full Companies.
Total of 38 Dreadnoughts. 

The Chapter Master's personal retinue of cataphractii terminators serve as his Honour Guard; hand selected from the best of the 1st Company to act as his elite of the elite.  These Cavaliers- so named as a synonym for the valorous knights of old to represent the martial elite that they are form a terrifyingly stalwart defensive firing line and unstoppable juggernauts when charging in the speartip alongside the man they have given solemn vows to protect.

Upon the creation of the Primaris Astartes, the Tempest Angels accepted a full company of the new Space Marines from Guilliman to replace the complete loss of the 2nd Company.

1 Chapter Master.
10 Captains.
11 Chaplains.
12 Apothecaries.
30 Techmarines.
10 Lexicaniums.
8 Codiciers.
6 Epistolaries.
1 Chief Librarian.

200,000 men-at-arms (Spread across the fleet and Omnis Fortis).

The Chapter takes direct command of the Planetary Defence Forces of the sub-sector when the sector is under direct assault, in addition to holding influence over Imperial Knights on Astoth itself. 

Notable Members:

Chapter Master: Audemar Valerdin

Captain 1st Company: Valchor Yderon
Captain 2nd Company: Avantres Deormund
Captain 3rd Company: Torion Evedor
Captain 4th Company: Galeran Odinel
Captain 5th Company: Veradin Brumear

Chief Librarian: Reynfred Melmidoc
High Chaplain: Venric Artmon

1st Company Chaplain: Alynore Rainald
2nd Company Chaplain: Ordin Avars
3rd Company Chaplain: Destrian Folcard
4th Company Chaplain: Giraut Artet
5th Company Chaplain: Lucane Degore

Chapter Champion: Falrond Galeon

War Cry: 
'Loyalty unto death!'


Notable Relics and Artifacts.

The Tempest Angels have a number of relics and artifacts, some being used in the field of battle whilst others are securely stored within the depths of their Fortress Monastery.


Tempest Angels Chapter

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