Omnis Fortis

Omnis Fortis is the Fortress Monastery of the Tempest Angels on their home planet of Astoth which they have occupied since their founding. 


Omnis Fortis, meaning 'Ever resolute' in High Gothic is located in the first mountain range in the north of Astoth, approximately 1,800 kilometers from the nearest city. The fortress monastery was built at the founding of the Tempest Angels, which records suggest was in the 32nd millennium, in the glorious age of Rebirth. Only a third of the fortress monastery is actually above ground in a magnificent structure of architectural beauty with two bridges leading to it from two different directions, each several kilometers long. The majority of the base is built into the heart of the mountain that the above-ground structure is on top of- providing ample protection from any potential orbital bombardment should the void shields fail. 



The structure above ground- including the surrounding bridges- are protected by advanced void shields and a number of defense lasers to provide anti-air and orbital fire built into the surrounding mountains and the structure itself, 28 of which are always on. In addition to these, a total of 262 seperate weapon turrets and macro cannons surround the perimeter of the base and the mountain range, not purely to cover the monastery itself, but to scan the entire horizon for incoming threats. Added to these are the Thunderfire cannons in the Chapter's armoury ready to unleash tearing death to obliterate ranks of foes at a time. Akin to the defense lasers, a large amount are built into the surrounding mountains to be controlled remotely from inside the fortress itself; the same can be said for the total of  200 missile silos are spread across Astoth.

Even with all of these defenses, the best asset the Tempest Angels have is the mountain range itself, the mountain dubbed 'Vindex'- High Gothic for 'protector' stands an ever stalwart guardian of the majority of the fortress monastery and its inhabitants within. The structure above ground boasts a number of ramparts, watchtowers and bastions. Every entrance is sealed with heavy adamantium barred by locks which are keyed to the unique genetic code of the Chapter's battle brothers. Finally, any ships from the Tempest Angels' fleet present add to the already substantial defenses that the small number of Star Forts provide.



The beautiful structure above the mountain it is placed on is known simply as Vigil- High Gothic for 'vigilant'. It stands a testament to the might of the Chapter with towering spires that shimmer in the light in a pleasantly symmetrical manner, standing watch over Astoth. A stark contrast to the usual gothic style fortresses found elsewhere on the planet. It truly is a shining example of a bastion that is a testament to the Emperor's glory and the Astartes' might. Woe to any attacker who mistakes its beauty for weakness and fragility. The following chambers and rooms are held above the mountain in the Vigil…

Great Hall: The immense entrance chamber is the first sight those who enter the fortress monastery are met with. It conveys the might of the Chapter and is designed to awe and humble all who enter as well as inducing pride in its battle-brothers. Towering statues of heroes border the hall, with intricate carvings depicting the long and proud history of the Chapter decorate the walls. Vaulted ceilings are held up by pillars emblazoned with blessed banners of the Tempest Angels, just in case the Chapter's symbol dominating the floor left any doubt whose fortress this belongs to. It can be said with certainty that it is the face of the Chapter for all who enter.

Assimularum: The largest chamber besides the Great Hall, this vast vaulted room is used for mass meetings, religious festivals and ceremonies. It can play host to the entire Chapter.

Refectory:  This area is used for dining functions, including store rooms, disposal units and kitchens. Whilst the diet of an Astartes may well be strict and simple, they are enhanced by a bio-chemical augmentation designed to maintain their bodies. Most meals are eaten in silence following prayers, but after a particularly note worthy victory the refectory becomes a place of triumphant celebration over meals.

Oratorium: Several of these are spread throughout the Vigil and are used primarily for lectures, private meetings and other small assemblies. 

Hydro-culture: This area contains a significant supply of local produce and seasoned vegetables collected and grown for the Chapter, which can only help if the Fortress is ever besieged for long periods of time. 

Terrarium: Similar to the hydro-culture in that it is used to grow and maintain plant matter, these plants are used as a source of drugs used in the Apothecarion.

Scriptory: Spread throughout the entire fortress, these terminals allow instant access to unclassified librarium files. 

Training Courtyards: Vast training areas lie behind the Vigil and within it. Designed to accommodate ritualized single combat as well as larger mass training. 

Guest Chambers: These relatively luxurious chambers are reserved for important visitors such as members of the Adeptus Mechanicus or the Imperial Administratum. 

Vigil Chapels: Throughout the entire monastery there are a number of Chapels of varying sizes, most of which are located in the Vigil which allows for daily worship- either with fellow Battle-Brothers or alone. Most are to Primarch and Emperor, but one rather more humble than the rest is dedicated to the Omnissiah, frequented by Techmarines of the Chapter.



The majority of the fortress monastery is held within the safe embrace of one of the mountains in the range, this part is named Cordis, meaning 'Heart' in High Gothic. Here are located the rooms and chambers as follows…

Forges & Armouries: Within the heart of the mountain, an entire level is dedicated to the forging and maintenance of the Chapter's war machines, weaponry and armour. Whilst the Tempest Angels receive a large amount of munitions and weaponry from the nearby Forge world of Layria, a not insignificant portion is made within the fortress-monastery itself. The forges are constantly on to keep the ceaseless needs of the Astartes met. These are stored safely within large shielded silos protected by several meters of adamantium, ceramite, ferrocrete, reactive blast doors and null shields. Rack after rack of weaponry line the walls after being meticulously checked by servitors and Techmarines, who are responsible for the maintenance of the tools of war.

Apothecarion: Amongst the most well defended part of the Fortress-Monastery, the Apothecaries safeguard the Chapter's gene-seed – stored within stasiswells lined with hundreds of sealed stasis-caskets, each one holding a shielded vial containing a progenoid gland. These vaults are locked with heavy adamantium blast doors keyed to the unique bio-signatures of the Chapter Master and the Chief Apothecary. Any who try to force entry are met with ranks of bolter turrets that will fire without hesitation upon any intruders. Not only do the Apothecaries guard the gene-seed, they also ensure it is kept pure, checking for any signs of corruption creeping in. For the Tempest Angels, this is thankfully a source of little worry due to their purity. The Apothecarion is also where the Apothecaries tend to injured Space Marines.

Librarius: In the very center of the Cordis, deep in the heart of the mountain lies the Librarius. Vast archives are filled with ancient tomes and sacred scrolls. Overseen by the Librarians, it is carefully maintained and zealously protected for it holds the entire histories and knowledges of the Chapter. Shelf upon shelf of books spiral out from the central pillar in ever widening circles. Anthechambers will hold tomes on categorised and specific lore. In the very center lies the Chapter's oldest copy of the Codex Astartes, held upon a stasis plinth. Reaching up dozens of meters lining the walls are rows and rows of written works, data-slates, chronicle stones and memory crystals. Each one piece of knowledge and lore is important to the Chapter. Ranging from accounts of great battles, final words of heroes, old ritualized fighting techniques, potent litanies and beyond.

Crypts: In one of the deepest levels in the mountain is the Crypts, hosting rows of sealed stone caskets, the lid of each sarcophagus bearing the carved likeness of the Space Marine it contains. As with other Astartes, the Tempest Angels honour their dead, and the utmost efforts are taken to ensure each fallen battle-brother is borne back to the fortress-monastery. Once the Apothecaries have removed his gene-seed, a Space Marine has served his final duty of the Imperium and is laid to rest, ready to join the embrace of the Emperor.

Trophy Room: This is the area in which the Tempest Angels keep their greatest trophies, and various artifacts and mementos collected over the millennia of battling a plethora of foes. As with the Great Hall, tall statues of particular great heroes stand watch over the trophies.

Dungeon: One of the lowest levels holds common prisoners held for interrogation. The walls lined with reinforced diamantine, but prisoners don't tend to stay in the dungeon for long before taken to the Apothecary for interrogation.

Cells and Dormitories: Each Battle-Brother has his own personal cell within the monastery on the levels nearest the surface within the mountain. A ceremonial longsword surrounded by purity seals and litanies are a constant reminder of the proud heritage they come from, and the traditions they fight to maintain. The rest of the cell is rather spartan, the Battle-Brothers not having much need for personal effects and lavish comfort. In comparison, the Chapter Serfs that maintain the fortress live in large dormitories which are notably more spacious than the cells, due to the fact that the Serfs live their lives within the walls of the monastery. The Chapter ensures the well-being of those that tend to the needs of the Chapter's home and its protectors. 


Solitorium: Outside of the fortress monastery deeper within the peaks of the mountain range lies a remote location designed to provide Brothers a space for isolated contemplation from days to even years. A fine place for a Brother to search his soul.

Generatorum: The power sources for the fortress-monastery are massive constructs. The Omnis Fortis uses a combination of geothermal heat within the mountain and below, in addition to converting solar energy into power as well as harvesting the very wind itself to power the needs of the fortress monastery. The Omnis Fortis additionally utilizes fusion-based plasma generators as backups. 



Omnis Fortis

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