Layria (Planet)

An important feature of the cluster of worlds is the nearby planet of Layria. Layria is a forge world of the Adeptus Mechanicus, whilst not under governance of the Tempest Angels, it is a vital planet for the presence of a planet that manufactures such impressive and sacred machines of war adds both prestige and security to the area.

The planet manufactures weapons, armour, artillery, ammunition and armored vehicles for the Imperial Guard/PDF on Ionov, farming equipment for Oscion, and Knight armour for the feudalistic forces on Astoth, in addition to armour, weaponry and vehicles for the Tempest Angels. In turn, the entire sub-sector is eager to keep the Forge world defended from any threat, for they are integral to keep the security of the sector at its peak.

 Layria's oceans have been evaporated to make further room for factories- which cover the entire surface along with great cathedrals and structures dedicated to the Machine God. Industrial complexes soaring into the sky and mine workings burrowing deep into the planetary crust. Forge Worlds build great numbers of complex technologies such as tanks and spacecraft. They are ruled by the Adeptus Mechanicus, whose training and research facilities are located there, along with the grand cathedrals to their deity, the Omnissiah, in which the ruling Archmagi of the Tech-priests enact the grandest, most complex rituals to honor the Machine God. Due to all of the industry, the eco-system has been utterly destroyed. 

The planet is protected by the presence of the Adeptus Mechanicus' own fleets and armies of enhanced Tech-Guard warriors, in addition to the notable presence of the Tempest Angels Chapter and the Imperial Knights of Astoth, the Legio Apocalypsis as well as the Ionov Imperial Guard. 

Interestingly, due to their history of regular contact with non-Mechanicus humans through allegiances on the battlefield, diplomatic envoys, and trade- their Skitarii when fighting alongside unaugmented humans do not use radium carbines, Skitarii Vanguard units or any other weaponry that inherently soaks nearby organics with harmful radiation. Instead, they field only Skitarii Rangers, Onager Dunecrawlers, Sydonian Dragoons, and Kastelan Robots when supporting their allies.

Layria (Planet)

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