Tempest Angels' Relics

The Tempest Angels have a number of relics and artifacts, some being used in the field of battle whilst others are securely stored within the depths of their Fortress Monastery.


Weaponry and Armour:

Vindicator: The founding chapter master Althalius' relic bolter. 

Caliburn: The two handed relic greatsword passed down from Chapter Master to Chapter Master. It is seemingly invulnreable to damage- needing no repair or maintenance despite the hardships of battle. The power field is so powerful and the edge of the blade so sharp that it tears through even terminator armour with ease.

Astoth's Might: A great thunder hammer almost as old as Caliburn.

Fist of Deliverance: An ancient power fist from a lost age of technology.

Bulwark of the Pure: A powerful and ancient storm shield, utilised by the best warrior in the 1st Company.

Heretic's Doom: A Crozius Arcanum- the oldest and most powerful one the Chapter possesses. 

Galanor's Vengeance: A pair of power claws that is said to hold the spirit of Galanor, a great hero of the Chapter- used by him until his heroic death.

Righteous Retribution: A blessed flamer recovered from an ancient space hulk dating back to the Great Crusade.

Foereaper: A relic sword recovered from an ancient space hulk dating back to the Great Crusade.

Purifier: A powerful multi-melta gun recovered from an ancient space hulk dating back to the Great Crusade.

Redeemer: A powerful heavy-flamer recovered from an ancient space hulk dating back to the Great Crusade.

Faithkeeper: A relic spear.

Stormcaller: An ancient thunder hammer.

Final Mercy: An ancient power mace. 

Valour's Edge: A powerful relic sword. 

Orrenir's Helm: A blessed ancient helmet used by the first Chapter champion.

Starshatterer: An ancient twin-linked lascannon used by the oldest venerable dreadnought- passed to him after the then-oldest dreadnought, so on and so forth.

Mark III Power Armour: Dating back to the heart of the Great Crusade; the Chapter possesses just over 30 of these venerable armours as a reminder of the glories of the Great Crusade when Primarchs and the Emperor himself lead the Legions. Whilst mainly kept safely in Omnis Fortis, there have been cases in the past where up to 20 of them have been brought out and donned by some of the Chapter's greatest tactical squads as a sign of trust, honour and respect. However in case the worst did happen and the suits were lost, at least ten are always kept safely in the Fortress Monastery lest these ancient relics be lost forever.

Cataphractii Terminator Armour: The personal retinue of the Chapter Master himself don ancient suits of Cataphractii Terminator Armour- these immensely strong armours date back to the early days of the Great Crusade and symbolise the unfaltering stalwart nature of the Astartes. Akin to the Mark III Power Armour relics, a certain number are kept safely in the heart of the Fortress Monastery, whilst ten are given to the honour guard of the Chapter Master to stride into battle alongside him as walking fortresses.


Texts and Tomes:

Tome of Enlightenment: Within lies the thoughts and spiritual discoveries written by each Chapter Master during their pilgrimage and isolation on Holy Terra. It contains enlightened wisdom that is greatly coveted by the Chapter and is ever looked to for guidance and inspiration.

Champions of the Blade: An instructional tome written by one of the first Champions of the Chapter, most Chapter Champions since have added a chapter on evolving Astothian techniques of the sword.

Histories of the Tempest Angels: An entire wall of the librarius is dedicated to the immense tomes holding the whole vast history of the Chapter. Naturally, copies are made- but the originals are most coveted.

Honour's Call: An inspiring tome written by the founding chapter master Althalius, inscribed within these sacred pages are the ideologies, beliefs and duties of the Chapter. Astothian culture that permeates the Chapter's culture takes up a large bulk of the book.

Tome of the Devout: An inspiring tome written by several Chaplains of the Chapter covering all matters of faith- focussing on faith in oneself, fellow brothers, and the Emperor's vision.

Treatise of Command: A writing on the qualities of leadership; from logistical management to inspiring courage. This was written by previous Chapter Master Phoenarion who the Tempest Angels' histories regard as being unparalleled in the traits of a good leader… until Audemar Valerdin took up the mantle, who is certainly considered Phoenarion's equal.


Shroud of the Stalwart: A blessed cloak worn by Saint Serell in his defiant lone stand against an army of Orks in the defence of a cathedral.

Sheathe of Salvation: A scabbard for a power sword of ancient design that bears a stable and dependable refractor field emitter. 

Glory's Herald: The oldest Crux Terminatus in the Chapter.

Ring of Astoth: The signet ring of Althalius, crafted for him upon the founding of the Tempest Angels. It bears the sigil of the Chapters and houses a particularly reliable conversation field emitter. 

Celeste: An ancient rosarius used by the Chaplain of the 1st Company, as is tradition. It creates an especially potent shield. 

Vial of Blood: A mysterious vial of blood securely locked away within the heart of Omnis Fortis- it is rumoured that it is the blood of a perpetual, although the Apothecaries or any other dare not even remove it from its stasis pod, let alone analyze it.

Frozen Tear: A crystallized bead of a tear from a living Saint.

Locke of Saint Ariette's hair.

Piece of Solar Macharius' armour.

Ground of Terra: A box filled with uncontaminated and fertile soil from Holy Terra itself.

Water of Terra: A vial of uncontaminated and pure water from Holy Terra itself.

Saint's Feathers: Blessed and preserved feathers from a living saint's wings.

Banner of the Tempest Angels: The first banner of the Tempest Angels; it currently lies within Omnis Fortis. 

Relic Vehicles: One of the greatest prides of the Chapter is that they can boast a number of ancient battle tanks of the Great Crusade; the Tempest Angels field these only when the fate of Astoth lies upon it. For to lose such relics of the past would be truly horrific in the eyes of the Tempest Angels. For this reason and out of respect for their venerable machine spirits that have seen war during the darkest time of the Imperium, most are allowed to slumber- tended to by a myriad of tech-servos and techmarines to ensure they are maintained and respected. They are zealously guarded by the techmarines in particular, and only the closest allies of the Chapter even know they have them in their possession. These vehicles lie in an immense chamber in the heart of the mountain.

2 Deimos Vindicator Laser Destroyer. 

2 Falchion Tank Destroyer.

3 Spartan Assault Tanks.

1 Sicaran Battle Tank.

1 Sicaran Venator Battle Tank.

1 Mastadon Assault Transport.

1 Land Raider Proteus.

3 Fellblade Battle Tanks.

6 Stormbird Gunships.

6 Fire Raptor Gunships.

1 Achilles Land Raider.

3 Contemptor Dreadnoughts.

Tempest Angels' Relics

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