Tempest Angels Fleet

Having started off with quite the imposing fleet, the Chapter has since lost many to conflicts and the Warp- with a small handful being recovered. This lists all of the Tempest Angels' naval force- past and present. 

Battle Barges:

The Pride of Astoth  
Lord's Decree
The Aegis of Faith (Lost in the Warp)

Strike Cruisers: 

Firestorm (Destroyed by World Eaters)
Starshatterer (Captured by World Eaters)
Vindicta (Destroyed by Death Guard)
Candidus Gloria (Destroyed by Word Bearers)
The Righteous Fury (Destroyed by Emperor's Children)

Unerring Crusader (Destroyed in Hive Fleet Kraken invasion)
Indomitable Bulwark (Destroyed in Hive Fleet Kraken invasion)
Spear of Truth (Destroyed in Hive Fleet Kraken invasion)
Flame of Righteousness (Destroyed in Hive Fleet Kraken invasion)

The Unfaltering Conqueror (Lost in the Warp)
Truth's Vanguard  (Lost in the Warp)

Beacon of the Devout (Awarded by the Adeptus Mechanicus for technology recovered)
Requiem of the Brave
The Lance of Zeal. 
Immortalis Patronus. 
Castus Astrum. 
Infernus de Aequitas. 
Astoth's Wrath

Fist of Ionov
Valour's Soul

26 Escort Vessels.

Tempest Angels Fleet

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