Scouring of Techeon, 917.M41

Angel's Vengeance, 917.M41

After the daring strike on Omnis Fortis, Audemar Valerdin gathered the 2nd and 3rd Companies to rendezvous with the elite 1st. It took several years to do this due to ongoing engagements, but within a decade the Astartes were ready for vengeance. Their patience for revenge was also in part because of the time it took to gather intelligence on the World Eaters' positions. After a time, they were able to locate a fortress world and a demon world under their control cunningly hidden behind chain of planets that were destroyed by exterminatus centuries ago. This area in the Segmentum Pacificus is lightly settled by humanity, thus needing less of a military presence which allowed Chaos to take a sly hold. 

The Tempest Angels arrived with both of their Battle Barges and a total of five strike cruisers- three to carry the Marines themselves, and two to act as support. Their first target was the fortress world of Techeon. The Chapter's Battle Barges Pride of Astoth and Aegis of Faith laid down a brutal and unforgiving barrage as soon as they came within range. Unloading their potent heavy arnaments onto the surface to obliterate the planetary defences whilst the strike cruisers engaged the few Chaos ships that were defending it's orbit. The orbital attack was largely a success, albeit one that lost them the strike cruiser Firestorm to orbital defence systems- defenses that were soon reduced to rubble by the heavy guns of the Battle Barges. Once the Chaos ships were dealt with, the strike cruisers added their weaponry to the planetary bombardment- proceeding to thoroughly shell the surface almost to the breaking point before the order was given for the strike cruisers to deliver their precious cargo to the planet. Drop pods and Thunderhawks were disgorged from the ships and raced to the planet. The entire 1st company donning their terminator armour and lead by the Chapter Master himself. 

The 1st company engaged in the thick of the fighting, the World Eaters' only too happy to engage in the tight melee. Valerdin wielded Caliburn the relic sword with deadly mastery, the 1st company wedge carving a bloody hole through the formation of the defenders- their terminator armour and power weapons outclassing the chainswords and power armour of the Chaos warriors. The 2nd company swept from a relatively lightly defended point to outflank in a pincer movement with the 3rd company acting as the other pincer to cut off any chaos withdrawal or reinforcements. Devestator squads provided heavy supressive fire whilst squads of tactical marines planted melta bombs on key defensive points and mainframes to limit the planet's potent defense systems whilst those in the melee engaged in harsh trench warfare- clearing bunker after bunker with relentless zeal and efficiency alike. Knowing the World Eaters' fondness for melee combat all too well, each Dreadnought was equipped with dual-melta guns and flamers to tear swathes in enemy ranks as they charged- the Tempest Angels had come in overwhelming numbers with their best to clinically overpower and execute key strikes on the fortress world. Soon neutralizing threat after threat, it allowed the attackers to surgically sweep over the planet with orbital supportive fire from the ships above. 

Within two weeks, the 1st Company had made it to the main stronghold on the world. Wisely, they dug down until the 2nd and 3rd companies finished their sweeps and arrived to reinforce- each company taking a seperate angle of attack to spread thin the defenders. Ironclad dreadnoughts and heavy weapon specialists tore through the defenses of the citadel under withering fire as accurate cover fire was supplied in ample quantity. The fiercest fighting was to be had when the walls and reinforced gates finally fell and the storming began. The Chapter Master and his honour guard lead the way to carve a path through with painfully slow progress, each coridoor proving to be a bottleneck which ensured each step had to be fought. Without the orbital bombartment, it was truly up the mettle of the Astartes within the citadel as they carved through not only Chaos Space Marines, but traitor imperial guardsmen and chaos cultists both. 
Despite all of this, the Tempest Angels advanced onwards, inspired by the litanies chanted by the Chaplains and the example laid before them by the Chapter Master. Each marine cried their war cries in unison. The floor slick with endless blood and gore forcing many marines on both sides to engage their magboots to avoid slipping and falling on the pools beneath their feet. It took six hours for the attackers to make it through, the final hour of the battle finishing with the Valerdin and his Honour Guard fighting a climactic dual with a Skull Champion, ending with the Chaos Champion falling to the blessed blade of Caliburn after killing a full third of the elite honour guard. With their leader dead, the defensive force could not be rallied and tried to enact a full withdrawal, only to be met by the surrounding 2nd and 3rd companies and cut down to the last man. 

Foul chaos shrines and banners were burnt and the bodies of the fallen Tempest Angels recovered; a number of relics and minor artifacts were recovered from the vaults within the fortress- most of which were to be traced by the Chapter librarians to their original owners. In the cases where such proved impossible or the Chapters were no longer in existance, the Tempest Angels added them to their own collection as redeemed war prizes after having each purified by Chaplains thrice over. The 2nd company had the task of clearing out any remaining chaos forces and taint whilst the 1st and 3rd returned to the fighting elsewhere after ensuring the safety of the looted artifacts and dead marines. 

To add to their victory, the previously captured Vanquisher strike cruiser was present above the planet when the Tempest Angels assaulted, leading to it being taken back at last. 

Scouring of Techeon, 917.M41

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