Ionov Guard

The Ionov Guard is apart of the Imperial Guard, and boasts a number of regiments that as a whole number in the low millions They are recruited from the Hive world of Ionov, in the Astoth sub-system. Naturally, they follow the standard organization and combat doctrine of standard forces of the Guard. They boast an adequate amount of armour and artillery pieces to support the bulk of infantry.

It is commanded by General Dorian Marx, a native from the planet who is most well known for his stubborn and effective- whilst costly- defense of Ionov from a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Kraken in addition to a stalwart defense of the planet Palia against Orks and a 6 month offensive campaign against traitor guard forces.


1st: Armoured Regiment.

2nd: Armoured Regiment.

3rd: Line Infantry

4th: Line Infantry

5th: Line Infantry

6th: Line Infantry

7th: Reconnaissance Regiment

8th: Reconnaissance Regiment

9th: Mechanised Infantry

10th: Mechanised Infantry

11th:  Light Infantry

12th:  Light Infantry

13th: Artillery Regiment

14th: Artillery Regiment

15th: Siege Regiment

16th: Siege Regiment

Overall, Ionov Regiments are known for their iron discipline even in the face of unending horrors and will hold the ground until the last man. Their reconnaissance and light infantry are known to be rather good shots!- as is expected. They spend an uncharacteristically large amount of time fighting together as a large division, rather than being divided amongst the stars to different fronts- as such, they coordinate very well together.

Ionov Guard

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