Battle of Omnis Fortis, World Eaters, 912.M41

Battle of Omnis Fortis, World Eaters, 912.M41

In 912 of the 41st Millenium, warband comprised mainly of World Eaters launched a lightning assault on Astoth to specifically target their fortress-monaster Omnis Fortis. Using the cover of a nearby warp storm, they emerged with a fleet of Strike Cruisers to launch the attack. As is their nature, they showed little interest in bombarding the planet for long- preferring instead to launch drop pods and aircraft to land Chaos Marines down on the surface in the mountains that hold Omnis Fortis. At the time, there was a mere single battle company and a reserve demi-company in the Fortress. The 4th and half of the 8th were finishing replenishing lost marines from fighting Orks and manned the defenses as soon as what was happening became clear. In orbit, only the Vanquisher, Stormbreaker and Starshatter Strike Cruisers were there to defend- they were swiftly overwhelmed and the former two were boarded and captured, with the latter being destroyed utterly in a desperate defense, despite being aided by the palpable planetary defense systems. Indeed, a number of World Eater cruisers crumbled to scrap under the intense fire of the missiles and macro cannons pounded them from the surface.

Word was immediately sent to House Aglorion and were told to make haste with their Knights to the Fortress-Monastery. The other knightly houses of Astoth were told to stay alert and hold the rest of the planet in case the strike on the north of the planet was a diversion. Meanwhile at Omnis Fortis itself, the World Eaters had the task of navigating the various gauntlets of defense lasers and heavy bolter turrets strewn across the mountain passes to the fortress. The entire 8th demi company sallied out to harry the larger Chaos forces in lightning strikes from the air- striking hard at the rear guard before withdrawing to further harry them on their path. They succesfully played on the World Eaters' thirst for blood and lust to engage in melee combat- drawing squads of them away from the main force before promptly ambushing them and tearing them apart with fury at the audacity of the Chaos Marines to assault their homeplanet. 

The World Eaters arrived at the gates of the Monastery with surprising speed and were instantly met with a firestorm from both the defending Astartes and the defenses manned by the Chapter Serfs. The Chaos force utilised super-heavy weaponry and the strength of a psyker to assault the main adamantium gate itself. After taking frankly devestating losses, they gave a roar of triumph as the gate crumbled- pouring into the bottleneck only to be torn apart by a plethora of weapons, including but not limited to melta guns, flamers, heavy bolters and lascannons. For the 4th company had not been idle whilst the 8th harrased the Chaos approach in the mountains. All 10 venerable dreadnoughts in the heart of the mountain had been woken. These ancient heroes engaged the vanguard of the assault with such skill and fury that all but the beserkers were given pause at the overpowering onslaught that met them. What was left of the 8th demi-company assaulted the splinter forces that were approaching the monastery from different directions, whilst the 4th and the monastery defenses held the battlements and fought in the entrance of the sacred place itself.

The fighting went on for a solid 9 hours; Dreadnoughts tearing into traitor Dreadnoughts, beserkers engaging tooth and nail with the defending marines that would rather perish than bring shame to the Entire Chapter by losing their ancient home. The mere thought of taking a step back willingly was incomprehensible.

Despite the fierce assault, the defenders had held off for a solid three days of fighting- for Omnis Fortis had been designed for defense. After those days, fifty Imperial Knights of House Aglorion arrived and poured into the rear of the chaos force. Their ion shields proving nigh on impossible to penetrate, heavy weapons and servo-powered limbs punched holes in armoured vehicles and dreadnoughts alike. The invaders had misjudged the time it would take to storm the monastery before reinforcements arrived- and paid the bloody price for it. 

The 4th company was crippled, the progress of the recruitment drive to replace fallen Astartes lost. When the Knights had arrived, they discovered all that was left over the mounds of dead attackers and defenders alike were the venerable dreadnoughts, a single Ironclad dreadnought, Captain Galeran Odinel, Chaplain Lamorak Artet and a mere two ranks of Astartes. The 8th was reduced to a fraction of their strength. From the bloody mess that was the battlefield, it was clear that both sides had fought on with ferocity and skill despite the loss of limbs and many fellow marines. 

The chaos corpses were removed and burnt and the fallen defenders were relieved of their gene seed before being interred in the catacombs within the mountain. When Audemar Valerdin- the Chapter Master- got word of what had happened, he swore an oath of vengeance against the World Eaters and their various warbands. An oath which he would not wait long in carrying out. 

The two captured strike cruisers successfully made it into the warp to make good their withdrawal when it was clear the assault had failed.

Battle of Omnis Fortis, World Eaters, 912.M41

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