Astoth (Planet)

Astoth is the home Planet of the Tempest Angels, and has been under its governance since its founding millenia ago, bearing a population of 480,000,000 (480 million). It is orbited by 2 moons, and the nearest planets to Astoth are Ionov, Oscion and Layria- the former two being under Storm Angel governance and protection.

 Akin to the Dark Angels' planet of Caliban, or the Howling Griffons' world of Mancora; the populace has a society similar to the european knights on ancient Terra. A feudalistic hierarchy lead by a caste of noble warrior elites.

Records show that Astoth was originally a Knight planet; a world before the age of Strife that was colonized by humanity, where protectors  were clad in plasteel exosuits- dedicated to the governing and protection of those on the planet. But these worlds had regressed during the Age of Strife to become Feudal Worlds possessed of a pre-industrial, feudal culture dominated by castes of warrior aristocrats. The societies that evolved were built upon concepts of fealty, honour and duty; three things that all Knights hold in the greatest regard.

All of the nobles on a Knight World owed their allegiance to a knightly house, whose ruler could call upon them at any time to carry out his commands. Each house could also field large numbers of men-at-arms, either mounted or on foot. The houses also had groups of artificers and technicians who maintained the suits of Knight armour as best they could, and over time, became an integral part of society on all of the Knight Worlds. Without any outside contact, ritual and etiquette started to dominate daily life within the knightly houses, and the only escape from stultifying tradition lay in donning a suit of Knight armour and taking to the field of battle. Huge farms or strip-mines surround the strongholds, providing foodstuffs and raw materials for local use and export across the galaxy; the colony ships' purpose was always to generate resources for Mankind. It is in these settlements that the vast majority of Imperial citizens on Knight Worlds live, with few venturing more than a dozen miles from their place of birth. In addition to these settlements, vast grazing herds of beasts wander through the wildernesses between the strongholds.

Most knightly houses, though by no means all, are associated with a Forge World, and in return for fighting alongside that Forge World's Titan Legions, they gain access to advanced technology and knowledge that only the Adeptus Mechanicus possess.

The arrival of the Tempest Angels was met with surprising enthusiasm, for these Sky-Knights shared much of the planet's values. When the fortress monastery was erected, it was a natural and fitting step that the populace would make up for the bulk of the new recruits- it almost seemed like fate. The planet has a temperate climate and various terrains, ranging from vast grassland plains, lakes and lush forests to tall snow-clad mountain peaks. One of these mountain ranges is where the Tempest Angels have built their fortress-monastery- Omnis Fortis.

Astoth (Planet)

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